The life of Tabby

Mar 10

Please leave… [Note to Drama]

HELLO.! You just came somewhere unwelcomed AND uninvited. But its ok because you can still turn around and to return whence you came. However if you do decide to stay, I’ll just ignore you until you decide to leave on your own. See, you don’t exist unless i acknowledge you or give you the attention you want. So goodbye and i hope to never see you again because if you do, i already know how to make you leave. But anyways, Thanks for the lessons you’ve taught me.! [Drama’s dead over here]

Mar 01

Y Stress.??

Y Stress.?? I think that when people stress, it’s mainly for no reason. I mean, when you think about it, stress is all in your imagination. Especially the hard kind. I really don’t see y they do it for other people. i mean, really, they say they feel like they need to live up to someone else’s expectations or someone else’s standards, but FLIP that.! What about YOU.? You’re messing up your health and everything in exchange for someone else to be happy and you miserable.? That don’t make no sense! If they aren’t going to be happy as long as you’re happy [and vise versa in other situations] then just be successful for yourself because you know its what you want and need, and you know the benefits of your hard work later on down the line; because in the end your life is gonna remain just that. YOUR life. So y would you carry on with it like its someone else’s? Any one who claims to love you and be with you forever don’t even have the right to control you, they should just be proud that you’re doing something for yourself. so even if relieving yourself also means that you have to take a break from some of your close friends, even if it includes me, then go ahead because you need to be happy [for yourself] and actually feel life for what it’s worth. You’ll feel better. Besides, you’ll have an excuse to be selfish. Lol

Anyways, whatever happens, i’ll still be here whenever you need me.

Jun 29

does anyone know where i can find a good job?

Jun 24

“if you cant beat ‘em, join ‘em… then beat ‘em while they’re sleep! lol” — everybody loves raymond